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Benefits of Dance

Why do we dance?

We dance for ritual.

We dance for celebration.

We dance for expression.

I hope all students who learn dancing from me gain not only technique and performing skills, but also think about the reasons we dance. Dance is an expression of our own unique body language. At its best it is the magical transformation of energy and feeling into thought and movement.

“The truest expression of a people is in its dances and its music. Bodies never lie.” – Agnes de Mille

The Benefits of Dance for Young Children

- Improved physical coordination

Dance involves the entire body, requiring the brain to smoothly and efficiently coordinate different body parts and every muscle group simultaneously.

- Better musicality

Dance develops the ability to sense and internalise rhythm, tempo and melody.

- Improved spatial awareness

Dancing is advanced three-dimensional interaction between our bodies and a space. We change our direction of travel and orientation, horizontally and vertically.

- Enhanced emotional development

Dance is a way to express emotion. As well as a medium for joy, it can allow us to release negative feelings like anger and may help us manage depression and anxiety.

- Cultivation of creativity

Dance is physical storytelling, stimulating children to be more imaginative. The idea leads to a movement which then transforms the idea. Each child can follow their own creative will.

- Improved concentration

Dance demands intense focus to memorise dance steps in routines.

- Growth in confidence

Dance is motivating for children. They want to get better, to challenge themselves, to compete with each other and also to collaborate and progress together. Learning to dance provides the experience of problem-solving, of getting better at something, of striving for individual and collective goals and the satisfaction of achieving them.

- Socialisation

Dance is a highly social activity. In a dance class, children learn how to interact with their dance mates and work as part of a team, developing a greater sense of trust and cooperation.

The Benefits of Dance for Adults

- Boosted Cardiovascular Health

Dance is a great workout. It exercises heart and lungs and elevates breathing and heart rate to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

- Improvement of core strength and balance

Dance demands you work on all of your muscle groups to incorporate movements. It strengthens your core muscles, including abdominal and oblique muscles to improve balance.

- Promotion of flexibility

Dancing is great for flexibility. Flexibility provides a great freedom of movement and a better posture. Deep stretching is also good for relaxing your body and mind.

- Weight loss

Dancing is one of the top forms of exercise for promoting weight loss.

- Preservation of mental agility

Dance requires memorising steps and choreography. It challenges you to focus on the constant changing of movement while following patterns. This is an excellent way for preventing memory loss.

- Improved mental health and sense of wellbeing

Dancing causes a release of pressure and anxiety. Like meditation, it allows us to forget ourselves and focus on the experience of the moment.

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